Medicare EPC Program

The ‘Enhanced Primary Care Program’ (EPC) is a Medicare funded program aimed at patients suffering chronic pain conditions such as diabetes, arthritis and other various acute conditions.

This program allows you to have up to 5 allied health services within the calender year and the referral is valid for a 12 month period. Consultations under this program are bulk billed through Medicare.

A doctor must complete a general assessment to check if you are eligible for the program and complete a ‘Team Care Arrangement’ for you.

You must have an up to date Medicare EPC Referral in place before your first appointment

At PV Podiatry your EPC visits are bulk billed through the Easy Claim Hicaps terminal, which is processed electronically to Medicare. Transactions are processed to Medicare at the time of consultation, however we will not know if the claim is approved and paid for 24 hours.

You must have an up to date Medicare EPC Referral in place before your first appointment, otherwise your claim will be rejected by Medicare. We cannot back date claims.

The EPC referrals are valid for 12 months, once your referral has been completed or expired you must return to your doctor for a review and to arrange a new referral, the podiatrist can let you know when your visits are used, but it is ultimately the patient’s responsibility to arrange referrals with their doctor and keep track on services used.

We do offer a home visit service for our patient’s, where the EPC referral can be used, a small gap may apply due to the time and duration of the consultation.

Any additional gaps, fees or sale of therapeutic appliances are payable by the patient and not included in the Medicare scheme.